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clinically proven to optimize your cellular activity, increase your energy naturally, improve brain function & focus, boost your metabolism, improve sleep, boost global sirtuin activity, improve antioxidant efficacy, and reduce inflammation. see the science

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The average user experiences a noticeable change in energy within the first 5 days and see the full benefit of NAD3 within 8 weeks*


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" The breakthrough of NAD+ Supplementation happened almost 5 years ago. NAD3 is definitely the next step - and it's addressing everything its predecessor missed. NAD3 is the next best thing "

- Dr. David Leonardi, MD & Longevity Expert

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More Inter Cellular Activity

Your cells are responsible for more than you think. They control everything from aging to metabolism. NAD3 is proven to boost NAD+ level, activate sirtuins, and even inhibit what causes inflammation - all at the cellular level and with only 311mg! 

We wanted to address what's missing...

There is no arguing that boosting NAD+ levels brings an array of health benefits like better focus and memory, better sleep, more energy, and a faster metabolism. But every other NAD+ booster out there is failing to address one major issue - inflammation. Muscle and body pain is a serious problem with aging individuals. We asked, "what good is it to have more energy to do things if you're going to feel it the next day?!" Working closely with thousands of patients we found out mobility is a huge concern. NAD3 addresses and corrects this problem, naturally. NAD3 suppresses the NLRP3 gene, a protein known to cause inflammation. By suppressing it, NAD3 helps prevent and protect your body from this issue. If you've had another NAD+ booster in the past, this is definitely the next step.

NAD3 Effect on Mitochondrial Capacity

Poor mitochondrial function is linked with just about every major age-related disease, from heart disease to dementia. Studies show that boosting mitochondrial function rejuvenates your cells so they start operating as if they were 20 years younger. It's like recharging a billion little batteries across your whole body.

Two capsules can do all this...

versus the competitors four capsules

NAD3 Effect on NLRP3 Expression

NLRP3 is a major controller of inflammation in the body. High levels of NLRP3 are associated with diabetes and atherosclerosis. Controlling NLRP3 is critical to healthy inflammation response and NLRP3 reduction has been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, gout, and multiple sclerosis. 

NAD3 Effect on NRF-2 Expression

NRF-2 is a protein that does two crucial things for your health. First, it reduces inflammation by controlling how many inflammatory cells your body sends out. Second, it governs your ability to use antioxidants. Higher NRF-2 can help stop cancer cells from growing and protecting you from heart and neurodegenerative diseases.

NAD3 Effect on Global Sirtuin Activity

Sirtuins are a family of proteins that protect your DNA so your cells can regenerate more effectively and last longer. When your cells operate at peak performance, they burn more energy, shield you from disease, and keep your internal organs healthier for longer. 

NAD3 Effect on P27 Expression

Cancer cells grow quickly because their lifecycle isn't regulated like healthy cells. But the P27 protein does exactly that. Higher levels of P27 protein is shown to exert more control over cancer cell growth and shortens their survival, especially in lymphoma cells. 

" The leading NAD+ booster requires 500mg of

Nicotinamide Riboside to match what 311mg of NAD3 can do. But there's more to NAD3, like sirtuin activity and NLRP3 suppression "

- Dr. David Leonardi, MD & Longevity Expert


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