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mTOR vs Muscle Protein Synthesis

One of the biggest misconceptions in the fitness industry is focusing on increasing muscle protein synthesis instead of increasing mTOR.

Whether your goal is getting bigger arms or toning your legs and glutes, understanding mTOR and how you can “hack” it will help you see the results you want much faster than if you focus on increasing muscle protein synthesis alone.

Let’s define our terms first. 

Keywords to Know

Muscle protein synthesis is the complex process of turning protein and amino acids into new muscle.

Muscle Protein Synthesis

mTOR is an incredibly complex signaling pathway. mTOR is the main regulator of muscle protein synthesis. That means it has the power to turn new muscle growth on or off. When you workout, mTOR detects muscle breakdown and tells your body to start muscle protein synthesis.

mTOR (Mammalian Target of Rapamycin

Imagine the process of building muscle like a building a brick wall. You have a big pile of bricks and a bunch of cement, which are your raw materials. For building muscle, your raw materials are the protein and amino acids you eat.

Your body has to take all those bricks and all that cement and transform them into a wall. That process is muscle protein synthesis. It is the process of building new muscles.

Building a Brick Wall

How mTOR and Muscle Protein Synthesis Work Together

You can imagine one little worker picking up some bricks and cement, hauling them over and getting to work building this brick wall. Well, that one little worker, he is the mTOR pathway. He controls how fast muscle protein synthesis occurs.

But what a lot of us do to speed up muscle protein synthesis is to eat more protein, or use a digestive enzyme to increase protein bioavailability.

But that’s like trying to speed up this brick wall by adding more bricks and more cement. Sure, that one worker will never run out of bricks and cement, but he’s still going to work at the same speed.

But if you can increase mTOR, it’s like having two or three other workers helping to build the wall much faster.

How Do You Increase mTOR?

Testosterone is a very powerful activator of mTOR, which is why steroids work so well. Steroids skyrocket testosterone levels specifically to overstimulate mTOR and boost muscle growth. Of course, messing with your hormone levels to that extent has some serious and well-known side-effects.


There are several ways that you can increase mTOR.

mTOR responds to exercise by firing up muscle protein synthesis. 


Eating excess calories and carbs will also increase mTOR. Excess food intake basically tells your body that we’re living in times of plenty. So your body begins making more muscle (and fat), cell division increases, and you create more energy. 

Excess Calories

Phosphatidic acid has been shown to activate mTOR. In fact, PA is sometimes called the “steroid copycat” because it activates mTOR without touching your hormones and without any other side-effects. In several peer-reviewed human trials, PA doubled muscle growth, doubled fat loss, and gave test subjects much bigger gains on bench press and squat compared to placebo.

Phosphatidic Acid

The Clinical Pack


The Clinical Pack is designed to let you replicate the conditions of the human trials done on phosphatidic acid. These trials were conducted over 8 weeks with test subjects using 750mg of phosphatidic acid daily. That's why the Clinical Pack gives you two bottles of PA(7) to last you 8 weeks and a FREE 100-serving tub of our ultra-premium Creapure® Creatine.

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